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Aanya Wellness is an abode for all wellness seekers where they can enjoy the benefits of the healing energy of nature. We bring to you an online platform that allows you to search, evaluate, and book a wellness package, a retreat, or a corporate wellness program to experience the power of natural healing. Our integrated wellness solutions enable you to bring back the lost well-being in our lives and move towards a more invigorating form of lifestyle. We believe that each person has their own body's requirements, and hence all our packages are personalised to the core level. The wisdom of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, and other alternative therapies have guided the humankind from its origin and is the way forward. We have taken upon this prerogative to ensure that this richness of age-long proven therapies reaches everyone.

Wellness Retreat for Women

27 March to 29 March 2020 | Panvel, Mumbai

From the time she wakes up to the time she goes back to bed, life is a battlefield for every woman. Our mothers, wives, sisters, or girl friends are that part of our lives without which our essence of existence is doubtful; to celebrate the power of womanhood we are organizing a wellness retreat for women from 27 March to 29 March 2020 at Agni Ayurvedic Village in Panvel, Mumbai.

The retreat is going to be filled with an array of ayurvedic therapies all focussed towards helping you rejuvenate and relax. These three days are going to be just for you. We are also going to focus on topics of women healthcare, and these sessions shall be lead by veteran bollywood actress, Tannaz Irani.

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Aanya Wellness- Your Wellness Comrade

Developing an invigorating community for wellness industry

Recover and Rejuvenate

Recover and Rejuvenate

Enjoy preventive healthcare based on the principles of natural healing. Book a retreat in the cradle of invigorating environs of Himalayas, or a beachside, or on the outskirts of your work city.

Destress and Detoxify

Destress and Detoxify

Say goodbye to sedentary lifestyle issues with our array of corporate wellness program offerings. Learn to manage the stress better, and enhance your productivity with our corporate wellness programs.

Locate and Book

Locate and Book

Get the power to search for numerous exotic wellness centres anytime, anywhere. Make an informed decision based on realtime ratings and reviews by previous users, and book an appointment.

Corporate Wellness Program

Programs that boost productivity

Sedentary lifestyle has crept into our lives with the onset of long working hours, which has given rise to various ailments, that we had never even heard of before. Stress, anxiety, and depression have impacted the quality of our lifestyle and hence the work productivity.

We help organisations connect to relevant and engaging programs that enable the employees and teams to deal more effectively with the work pressure at the office. These programs enable employees to make positive lifestyle choices and transformations that improve both their physical and psychological health.

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Wellness Retreats

Take a break and make your life great

Do you like the valley of Himalayas, or a bristling breeze at a beach front? Be it any form of geography that you like, we have a solution for you. With a widespread nexus of wellness centres, we enable you to overcome different lifestyle ailments.

We are a refuge for all beings that are looking for a place away from the chaotic city life. We help you connect with some of the best sanctuaries to make a break for whenever you need to restore your physical health and reawaken your soul. We offer Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation and programs under various other alternative therapies that are practiced across picturesque locations in India.

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