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Looking for ayurvedic ways to keep your teeth strong? Here are 5 ways in Ayurveda through which you can have strong teeth

Teeth are an important part of our body. You can taste different types of food items only if you have strong teeth. Apart from this, teeth are also essential for facial beauty. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain good oral hygiene. If you have weak enamel or you have any dental problem, then you should immediately adopt measures to strengthen the teeth. For this, you need to include some medicinal herbs, foods and good habits in your daily routine. Today, we are going to tell you the Ayurvedic ways to keep your teeth strong. 

Often we see children and elderly people complaining about a toothache. However, symptoms of dental problem can appear at any age. Loose teeth, toothache, tooth decay, pain or discomfort during eating, swelling or redness of gums, bleeding gums, etc. are some of the major dental problems. However, you can get rid of these problems by following Ayurvedic remedies. 

Here, are 5 ways in Ayurveda through which you can have strong teeth: 

  1. Brush your teeth twice a day

    Brushing twice a day is very important to maintain good oral hygiene. Ayurveda recommends the use of different types of herbs to clean your teeth. You can rub herbal powder on teeth, which may seem a bit strange to you initially, but after a few weeks, you will start getting great results. You can also use neem twig to brush the teeth.

    Ayruveda for toothache

    Know the ayurvedic ways to relieve toothache

  2. Salt and Mustard Oil

    Make a paste by mixing one gram salt and one teaspoon mustard oil. Apply it gently on the gums and massage it all around. It is very good for treating problems like pyorrhoea, gingivitis, dental pain and bleeding. It strengthens the gums and helps in killing germs. This paste can be applied at any time of the day. It is one of the best ayurvedic ways to keep your teeth strong.

  3. Lemon Juice and Honey

    Apart from this, adding two teaspoons of lemon juice in half glass of water and drinking it twice a day is good for the health of your teeth and gums. Drinking a teaspoon of honey mixed in a glass of water is also very beneficial for the teeth, you can even replace your morning tea with this beneficial drink. It helps you both avoid and treat dental problems. 

  4. Black pepper and turmeric powder

    Take a small amount of black pepper powder and turmeric powder and make a paste. Then apply this paste on your teeth and rub your teeth and gums. After following this remedy, you should not eat or drink anything for about 30 minutes. By doing this you will get relief from gingivitis as well as nutritional elements of turmeric and black pepper will keep your teeth strong. 

    Natural ways for teeth

    Follow natural ways to keep your teeth healthy

  5. Amla

    Amla has a good amount of Vitamin C. Everyone also knows that eating gooseberry is good for the teeth. Vitamin C present in the gooseberry helps to make the teeth strong and it also helps you get rid of gum problems. You can gargle with amla juice several times a day. You can also add amla to your diet. This will provide many health benefits to your body. 

Apart from that, gargling your teeth with lukewarm for 4-5 times every day after eating food is very important to get rid of bad breath and other dental problems. It may not be possible to brush your teeth after every meal, but gargling your teeth with freshwater or lukewarm water can really help you get rid of many dental problems. Following these ayurvedic ways to keep your teeth strong and can also effectively relieve other problems related to your mouth.

Oral health

Ways to maintain good oral health

Many people have a habit of drinking tea or coffee in the morning. Some people drink tea even without brushing their teeth. This is not good for your digestive health as well as for your mouth. Never drink your morning tea or coffee without properly cleaning and brushing your teeth. It would be good to eat something before drinking tea or coffee. 

Avoid eating sweets and things made with sugar and rinse your mouth after having meals. If you have pain in your gums, then avoid eating spicy, fried and sour food. So, follow these remedies and ayurvedic ways to keep your teeth strong and keep enjoying the delicious food.

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