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5 hacks that women can try to fight iron deficiency via personalized healthcare

Iron deficiency, Personalised Healthcare

Iron deficiency has been touted as the most common and widely prevalent nutrient deficiencies and affects more than 1.62 billion people worldwide.1 In fact, reports show that Iron deficiency in women and Iron Deficiency Anemia are considered among the top 10 risks globally and regionally, especially in developing and under-developed countries. 2

A quick biology textbook recap for you- Iron is an important component for hemoglobin which enables our red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. Iron deficiency impairs the physiological functioning, affecting one’s energy and activity levels, digestion and nutrient absorption patterns. It also compromises the immune system, making one weaker and more vulnerable to diseases. Its effects are manifold, and very much evident including brittle nails, fluttering heart, paleness and thinning hair.

Having a fixed regime of exercise helps to go long way in life.

Due to physiological reasons, women and children are particularly at risk of developing Iron Deficiency Anemia. However, it is manageable and completely curable. A holistic lifestyle with a few tweaks can treat this condition. Here are a few handy tips to fight iron deficiency in women through personalized healthcare.

Mindful eating

Iron rich food for curbing iron deficiency

Iron deficiency can be attributed to ignorant food habits that are high in calories, sugar and salt, with little nutritional value. Under personalized healthcare, practising mindful eating and being conscious of what you eat is a good starting point to mitigate nutrient deficiency. It is necessary to add leafy greens, lentils, beans, lean meat and tofu to your diet. Amla, beetroot and turmeric juices along with intake of Vitamin C rich foods can cure iron deficiency and associated anemia. A balanced diet can put one’s iron levels on track and cure all associated symptoms.

Time your beverages

Having beverages at the right time is very essential

If you have a habit of gulping down your meals with hot beverages, you need to take a step back to maintain your personalized routine. Several studies4 have found that coffee, tea and other caffeinated drinks can reduce iron absorption. Tannins present in tea can combine with nonheme iron and reduce absorption by 50% or even more. Coffee too has similar interference and regular caffeine consumption may also have an effect on iron storage levels. It’s best to space out the tea or coffee intake and keep at least an hour’s gap between beverages and meals

Ayurveda to the rescue

Healthy natural juices to detoxify your body

Cures for iron deficiency in Ayurveda for women make use of potent herbs like amla, aloe vera and haritaki and minerals. Ayurveda has documented the use and efficiency of herbal formulations like dhatri avaleha and iron formulations such as Loha bhasma, Maṇḍura bhasma, Makshika bhasma, and Kasisa for this ailment. A reputed ayurvedic practitioner can help in correctly diagnosing the disease and charting out the treatment best suited for the individual.

Cook in iron vessels

With the introduction of aluminium or stainless steel, we have stopped using iron vessels for cooking, which in earlier days were often known to be a source of Iron for human bodies.

A good way to maintain a regular intake of iron in the body is by using iron vessels for cooking. Cooking in cast iron skillet or the traditional iron ‘kadai’ can add significant amounts of iron to food. Foods rich in acid content like eggs, tomatoes or applesauce gravies leach the iron from the vessels and transfer this essential nutrient into cooked food. You must add some lemon juice or tamarind to gravies while cooking in iron pots. This is because higher the acidity and the longer is the cooking time, the greater is the iron content in the food. There are also several iron-based products that can be used while cooking. Lucky Shakti Leaf, is an innovative product made of food-grade electrolytic iron that releases highly absorbable iron with each use. When added to boiling water in presence of acidic medium, it dissolves iron in the food. It is a convenient way to maintain optimum iron levels for the entire family.

Treating the root cause

Iron deficiency in women is often the outcome of different underlying problems including heavy menstruation, fibroids, gastrointestinal bleeding and several auto-immune diseases. In such cases, instead of focusing just on iron intake and absorption through personalized healthcare, a 360-degree treatment is recommended. A naturopathic regimen, tailormade and designed for the specific conditions, can help heal the disorders and improve your overall wellbeing,

Remember, your health is in your hands and with these tips, you can fight anemia. A well-balanced diet along with attention to your health, in spite of your busy work life, is the key to keeping iron deficiency at bay. Make sure you don’t skip on your veggies and have your daily dose of Vitamin C and minerals. Other than these, you can always choose to book a preventive healthcare consultation session at Aanya Welness to get personalized and preventive healthcare solutions to your problems.

  1. How much iron intake a women's body requires everyday?

    According to research, the average iron intake that a adult women's body requires is around 17.0 to 18.9 mg/day.

  2. Is 4 pm too late for having coffee?

    It is advisable to avoid caffeine after 3 p.m.

  3. What causes iron levels to drop?

    Iron level can easily drop if you are not getting enough iron in your diet, also can happen because of chronic blood loss.

  4. When is the right time to have beetroot juice?

    It is suggested to have beetroot juice early in the morning to reap the most benefits.

  5. Can we drink beetroot juice on an empty stomach?

    Yes, it's in fact the best way to have beetroot juice, as having it on an empty stomach can directly give you all the benefits.

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