Rejuvenation Rasayana

Rasayana – the science of rejuvenation : Ayurveda has two main important ways to work, one is to maintain health and second is to cure disease. Rasayana or rejuvenation is one of the eight specialised branches of Ayurveda that primarily deals with the maintenance of health.



Rasayana is defined as any herb, food, or activity which confers youthfulness and cures diseases. If taken in a proper way, the rasayana prevents early ageing and keeps you young and active both physically and mentally. A rejuvenation therapy rebuilds your body.



Rasa provides nutrition, enhances the immunity, and sustains life. Rasayana is the method of treatment through which the rasa is maintained in the body. The purpose of rasayana is to give strength, immunity, will power and determination, so that you are not exposed to sickness and disease as long as you live.


Types of rejuvenation therapy:

  1. Naimittika rasayana: Used for achieving or maintaining the best quality of energy in the body. And cure the cause of the disease.
  2. Ajasrika rasayana: Used to maintain good health through a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Kamya rasayana: used for fulfill desires.

All therapies in Ayurveda aim to provide complete health – physical, mental, and spiritual – so that people can engage in achieving the real goal of life-self-realisation. The rasayana therapy makes it easily possible with its remarkable benefits on health, immunity, and longevity.

What are the benefits of rasayana?

  1. Makes you feel young and energetic
  2. Improves skin conditions and gives glow
  3. Improves sleep quality
  4. Improves memory and concentration
  5. Clear the voice
  6. Clears any blockages in all senses: eyes, nose, tongue, ears and sexual organs
  7. Increases the immunity in the body
  8. Improves body’s strength and calms down the mind

Who can get the rasayana therapy?

People suffering from problems and illnesses. If there’s stress, insomnia, rough and dry skin, weak senses, weak appetite, lack of concentration, digestive problems, migraines or obesity can take this therapy. But you don’t necessarily have to be ill to treat yourself with rasayana, if you need to feel fresh and energetic, then too you can do this.

How long is this therapy?

Minimum 21 days for best results. It depends on your condition.

What does the daily program include?

  1. Consultation
  2. Therapy sessions
  3. Oral herbal medications
  4. Ayurvedic diet
  5. Yoga sessions
  6. Mantra chanting and meditation
  7. Other activities related to the therapies.

How the rasayana therapies work?

  1. First 7 days, cleansing of the oral cavity, nose, ears, eyes, oil application to the body is done.
  2. 1 hour long full body and arms and leg massages.
  3. 15 minutes full body massage with 45 minutes of herbal medicated power, and herbs applied for next 3 days.
  4. Herbal medicated oils on alternate days on the 7th day.
  5. Pouring warm oil onto the body in the specific kind, steam for 15 minutes of full body, body scrub.
  6. Daily ayurvedic diet monitoring.

The above-mentioned treatment is the general Rasayana therapy for a normal healthy person. However, check your past medical history and diagnose your present health condition before finalising the treatment that is right for you.

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