Jasmine Natural Essential Oil

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Jasmine Natural Essential Oil

Brand: Wellness Product

Clear your mind and calm your body with the fresh, floral scent of Jasmine. This Jasmine essential oil burns to give of the warming, soothing perfume of Jasmine, connected to the heart chakra and radiating love, kindness and compassion.


Light a Pranna Jasmine candle and focus on the scent as this glass candle burns. You’ll release stress and clear your mind with this natural, unrefined essential oil also known for its restorative properties. From the delicate fragrance to the relaxing quality of jasmine, it helps you increase your creativity and intuition so you can be at your best. The scent of jasmine is connected to the heart chakra, radiating love, kindness and compassion. Open the door to inner peace, contentment, and confidence with this unique candle. Hand-poured on the island of Java, it is made from natural ingredients, without any harmful additives. As it melts, it releases the intensely fragrant aroma of Jasmine on the heart chakra, radiating love, kindness and compassion.