Rosemary Natural Essential Oil

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Rosemary Natural Essential Oil

Brand: Wellness Product

Light up your life with Rosemary natural essential oil candle. The nPranna rosemary natural oil give a feeling of lemongrass stalk giving you the scent of nature. It represents love and is said to help overcome negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes.


Light up your home and mind with the Pranna Rosemary Natural Essential Oil Candle. The rosemary essential oil blend helps focus and concentrate your thoughts, while the pine needles add to the stimulating fragrance. Since this unique essential is shaped like a lemongrass stalk, it will beautify your space while simultaneously burning down. Natural essential oil candles are made using pure essential oils which have their unique fragrance. Pranna’s Rosemary Natural Essential Oil candle adds a touch to your living space whilst enhancing the air quality. Packaged in a glass container to sit comfortably, this essential gives out pleasant fragrance that can be enjoyed for hours to lift your mood.