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Ayurveda for thick and strong hair

Ayurveda for thick and strong hair: The ancient art of Ayurveda has an omnibus of solutions for the various problems that humans face. Beginning from skin troubles to serious mental conditions such as PTSD etc. With pollution, stress and other such factors, one of the major problems people, especially in urban areas face is a premature loss of hair and lifeless, damaged hair. Here are some ayurvedic power packed remedies that will sure shot lead to thick and strong hair using simple, non-toxic ingredients and recipes that you can easily prepare in the comfort of your own home.

The Indian Gooseberry

The Gooseberry or the Amla is a berry packed with nutrients such as vitamin C and apart from providing your hair with a sleek and shiny look; it also repairs hair intrinsically, thus giving you healthy and strong hair that you can flaunt proudly.

The amla can be soaked in water overnight after cutting and the water can be extracted to be put over the hair. Another way is to powder the berry and mix it with the slight content of water so as to make a thick paste which can then be applied to your hair.

This remedy, like most Ayurvedic remedies, is perfect for all types of hair and has no side or ill effects. Consistency with this method will provide great results and the thick, shiny hair that you’ve always desired.


A herb commonly found in all Indian households, methi is a miraculous herb with several benefits. It is great for promoting and nourishing hair. This herb can be easily ground into powder and then mixed with a small amount of water to create a thick paste which can then be applied to your hair. The amount of paste depends on the length of the hair. After keeping the paste for 15-20 minutes it can easily be washed off. Methi has several medicinal properties and helps to repair damaged hair and also provides nourishment to it.


This herb, known as the Kings of herbs is one that is relatively harder to find. However, it is extremely effective to enhance hair growth. Some bhringaraja leaves can be made into a paste and then applied onto the hair. Let it stay for a few minutes and then wash it off. Since raw plants are harder to get, dried bhringaraja packets are also available which can be used to make the paste in a similar way.

Egg albumin

The egg whites and yolk can be separated and the albumin (white part) can be applied to your scalp for nourished, shiny hair. Eggs are rich in proteins and although this method is very effective, it can leave an unpleasant smell and thus it is advised to wash your hair thoroughly after applying the egg. Leave the albumin on for as long as it takes for it to harden slightly and then wash it off gently with cold water. This method works great because eggs are readily available and will result in thick, nourished hair.

Coconut oil

The most common method of strengthening hair; applying coconut oil on hair also has a scientific basis. The coconut oil contains lauric acid and capric acid, the former of which combat the microbes that are essentially responsible for hair fall. Thus a hot oil massage or champi with the trusty coconut oil is sure to provide your hair with the much-needed nourishment as it is also rich in vitamin E and result in thick strong hair.

Ayurvedic shampoo

Many shampoos available in the market are a combination of Amla, reetha and shikakai- the three major ingredients needed to gain thick, strong hair. These ingredients, unlike the chemical alternatives, clean your hair gently while also nourishing it and thus enhancing hair growth. They help your scalp to maintain the pH balance and also for it to retain natural oils so it does not result in dry frizzy hair.

Hibiscus oil

The Hibiscus or China rose (as it is more commonly known as) is rich in vitamin C content. The flowers can be crushed and mixed with coconut oil to make a paste which can then be applied to the hair. This mixture is suitable for both dry, as well as oily hair. Hibiscus flower can be easily found in your neighbourhood and thus this remedy is easy to make and very effective to make for smooth, manageable and healthy hair.

Rosemary oil

This essential oil works at a cellular level and enhances cell division. It dilates the blood vessels to make for proper blood circulation and thus leads to healthy, strong hair. It is especially useful to repair damaged, dry hair thus leaving you with thick and strong hair.

These remedies work gently to give you nourished, healthy hair and have no harmful side effects. These methods are completely natural and gentle, ensuring that there is no hypersensitivity on your scalp. These methods are also suitable for all hair types, be it dry or oily. With consistent application and patience, these ayurvedic remedies will reward you with truly thick and strong hair that you’ve always desired and that too without burning a hole in your pocket!

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