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Top 7 examples of corporate wellness programs that are important for both the employees and organization

We all have heard about the quote that, ‘a healthy mind resides in a healthy body’ hence it is important that we keep our mind and body healthy. In today’s world where the competition has increased in every field, there is an urgent need to introduce corporate wellness programs in corporate sectors. On average a corporate employee spends over 9 hours/day at the job, and approximately 3 hours/day in getting ready for the office, which at the end leaves him/her with no or very little time to look after his/her wellness. 

Corporate wellness programs are imperative for the mental as well as physical health of your employees. Productivity at the workplace is in direct proportion to the well-being of an employee. Implementing wellbeing measures at the workplace goes a long way in not only giving off-the-charts productivity rise but also in building up loyalty and employee engagement within the organization.

Depending on the size of your company you can choose corporate wellness programs for your employees, the ideas for these programs can range from ideas that have a specific purpose, such as helping the employee to quit smoking or to lose weight; to onsite gyms or gym memberships, to incentive programs that provide rewards for participation or in achieving the desired results. 

When an employee is happy and healthy he will perform his daily tasks with all his heart, therefore making the business more productive and profitable. Wellness programs not only help the employees but are beneficial for the company as well. 

Here are a few ideas that you can use to help improve the health of your employees:

Corporate wellness programs

Know the top 5 health benefits of corporate wellness programs

On-site fitness centers

The fitness centers offer team members a swimming pool, a rock-climbing wall, and access to personal trainers that help them to remain physically fit but these programs are suitable for large companies only because it is very expensive for small companies to provide their team members with a 72,000 square foot fitness center. 

Smoking cessation programs

Employers should encourage their staff to quit smoking as it can cause serious damage to both the health of the employee as well as the company. The more break they take for smoking, the more there will be delays in delivering the tasks. Many organizations implement this as a major part of their corporate wellness programs.  

Yoga classes

Practise Yoga, to steer the wheel of your well-being towards holistic well-being. Many companies offer yoga classes to their employees, it can be held twice a week or once a week. The companies can use their conference or break rooms to provide yoga classes for the employees throughout the workday. 

Lunch and healthy snacks

Many companies add time to the lunch break so that employees can take a walk or go home for a healthy meal as with only 30 minutes they are not able to eat their lunch properly. You can introduce healthy and communal eating programs to encourage interaction between people from different teams.

Health and fitness

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Employee assistance programs 

Employee assistance is another important factor that contributes to the wellness of an employee, therefore, employers should provide confidential support for issues like stress, substance abuse, depression, and anxiety. This way you will be able to empower your team as well as your company.

Paramedical Services

Employers can offer paramedical services, like massage therapy, to their team members while they’re at work. You can employ massage therapists to give 10-minute upper back and neck massages at work. This way they will feel more comfortable and less stressed.

Digital employee wellness

Best examples of corporate wellness programs

Transit options

You can encourage alternative methods of transportation, such as bike-sharing or public transit incentives, which are beneficial to the workplace and the future of the environment. This will also be good for employee’s financial health. 

Our employees are valuable to us, therefore, it is important that we focus on their well-being and happiness in the workplace. Well-structured corporate wellness programs have proven to recoup 3 dollars for every dollar invested in an employee. So, why not just take advantage of such beneficial programs and make a small investment towards the betterment of your company as well as your employees. 


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