Looking for natural ways for makeup removal? Try these natural home remedies that act as best makeup remover

Try these best makeup removers for makeup removal
After attending a party or wedding, it is important to remove makeup using the best makeup remover. According to skin experts, makeup removal to keep your skin safe is as important as applying makeup for enhancing your beauty. But most people conside Continue reading

Health hacks for daily living!

Health hack!
Health hack for daily living ! : We've all seen those cool little life hacks on social media sites. Sometimes it's the witty duck that's giving you solutions, from how to remember information for an exam, to how you can smell good for the whole day. Continue reading

How to stay warm during winters if you are from the tropics

Tropics and winter !
How to stay warm during winters if you are from the tropics : So, you decided to stay in Delhi and arrived just at the end of summer, the heat that welcomed you then being your longtime buddy from home. Until winter suddenly starts to come around wi Continue reading
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Put a full stop to these summer skin problems!

Go and solve your skin problems with simple tips from The Aanya!
Put a full stop to these summer skin problems! : Whether you’re basking in the sun on a sandy beach, camping in the wilderness or relaxing in your own backyard, the great outdoors does wonders for de-stressing your mind and boosting your overall we Continue reading

Acne remedies for you

If there was one thing we all dreaded from our adolescence, it was the takeover of acne on our faces. That was the puberty phase of our lives that was supposed to end then and there, right? And for many that became true and their acne problems became Continue reading

The many benefits of chai!

Chai is not only delicious, it has plenty of benefits!
The many benefits of chai! : It seems like drinking tea has become a new fad over these past few years. Not that people can be blamed for it, it really is damn delicious. And with such a wide variety for tea, one of the favorites being chai tea (loca Continue reading

Get rid of your acne problems !

Acne problems can be solved by argan oil
Sick and tired of the ample yet misleading solutions to acne? It's official. No matter how young, well-maintained and perfect your skin is, it can never escape the embarrassing clutches of acne. It follows you during your high-school years, in your Continue reading

Reduce facial scarring with these techniques!

Who doesn't want to get rid of acne scarring!
Almost everyone has acne at one time or another in life. Acne is a skin condition that can cause pimples such as, whiteheads and blackheads to appear on the face, chest, back, neck, and shoulders. A majority of teenagers have acne for 5 years. Howeve Continue reading