Ayurveda: An ancient solution to modern health problems

Ayurveda offers natural ways of treatment to keep your body fit and healthy
Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word, which means knowledge of life and longevity. It is one of the upveda of Atharva Ved and is a compilation of proven ways to live a better and holistic life. It won't be wrong to say that Ayurveda is an ancient solution t Continue reading
Dr Suyog Bhavare

Is prevention the only cure for coronavirus?

Deaths due to Coronavirus is increasing day by day
We all are familiar with the proverb that Prevention is better than cure but in the case of coronavirus, prevention is the only cure. People are receiving a lot of preventive advice, both good and bad, from all around the world through various chann Continue reading
Dr Suyog Bhavare

Wellness Tourism- Best destinations to visit in India for a fresh and rejuvenating start in the year 2020

Best destinations to visit in India after coronavirus lockdown
Now that Coronavirus has forced us to live in our homes our hunger for travelling is increasing day by day. The coronavirus has created an upheaval that has impacted the entire human race in a very large way. Everyone without a doubt is going to exp Continue reading
Manisha Mehlawat

We believe in you; we make you believe in yourself!!

We encourage lives beyond boundaries by introducing people to their inner potential
Learn to walk, learn to talk,  Learn to eat, learn to be sweet,  Learn to write, learn to be bright,  Learn to excel, learn to be out of hassle Learn to survive, learn to live a good life. But how can we make our life from good to extraordinary? Continue reading