Ayurvedic Nasal Vaccine – Is the ancient remedy of Ayurvedic nasal drops a key measure to combat the COVID pandemic?

Nasyam | Nasal Vaccine

Amidst all the madness that has swept the world over the outbreak of the COVID-19, which has now infected more than 137 million people & 2.96 million have departed from mother Earth, worldwide. The majority of affected from Covid-19 were focusing on preventive measures, at least until an effective treatment is found. Ayurveda in its arsenal has a lot of curative measures

Let’s first understand the wave of covid-19

The first wave of Coronavirus didn’t even end, even when countries begin to relax. We did some early unlocks happening across the globe; as the dilemma to choose between livelihood and life presented itself. Though at the onset we did see a diligent implementation of social distancing, wearing masks, and other norms shared by the government and health organisations. But as we have been moving ahead, we have seen these norms going for a toss. Though the first wave came on an unprecedented note, as deduced by experts it wasn’t as lethal as the second mutated variant that’s doing the rounds now.

The second wave has warned that the world is still in the throes of an outbreak, dampening hopes for a rapid global economic recovery and resuming of international travel. Europe had become the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic after a six-month hiatus. Several European countries imposed the lockdown when a second wave of cases, much larger than the first in March, struck the continent in October. Global cases recorded a sharp increase in October, with half of the cases in Europe. Once again, France and Italy are among the countries hardest hit. In contrast, injuries are steadily declining in India. However, not all countries follow this downward trend.

As we have been through many instances of high and low troughs, lines between consecutive waves are somewhat getting blurred, but we all as an individual need to come together and fight it by building our own immunity. We need to take all the precautionary measures and support the government and frontline warriors in battling this highly unprecedented mutation of Covid-19.

A second wave has entered India (probably with new strains of Coronavirus)

Although there has been a marked slowdown in new COVID-19 cases reported daily, experts say it is too early to breathe a sigh of relief. As we sit at the ingress of the second wave, the next four months are going to be really crucial.

However, it was earlier thought that the intensity of the second wave may not be the same as that of the initial outbreak, but the reality is far from it. The second wave seems to be breaking all the records. Fear and anxiety have started to creep through the cracks and find their adverse effects on people.

Ayurveda for ages, has been the inspiration for many breakthrough discoveries in the medicine field. It has enabled many patients to live longer, even when modern medicine had given up. Today, as per the scripts of ancient Ayurveda, there is yet another strong remedy in the form of nasal drops which is nothing less than a nasal vaccine for humans. Different types of virus are floating in different parts of the world. In India, we have a lot of laboratory-confirmed cases, so many viruses are circulating. The greater the number of viruses, the greater the chances of new variants emerging. Moreover, immunity after exposure is of questionable strength and duration.

Though today we have a first stage vaccine available in the market, its efficacy is still questioned by many experts and scientists. It’s better to take precautionary measures, and many people are still choosing various preventive measures for a healthier lifestyle with Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy remedies.

Why choose Ayurveda?

Market trends of healthcare consumers have been turned towards organic, natural & Ayurvedic remedies in the last year. The adaptability of ayurvedic measures has seen a sudden surge, which helps us get closer to the principles of natural healing as the scripts support it. Ayurveda has solutions for various medical conditions like cancer, anal problems, stress, lifestyle problems, rheumatism, respiratory problems, and many more. This ancient medicinal system is truly unique in itself and uses only natural ingredients. Therefore, it is completely harmless and curative at the same time.

The goal of Ayurveda treatment is to promote good health by cleansing and detoxifying the body. The cleansing process called “Panchakarma” is designed to help you get rid of various health problems. Moreover, balancing the doshas restores your energy and keeps your immune system strong. When we talk or think about natural & organic treatments, the majority of times we came across Ayurveda & its importance to create a healthy lifestyle hence the immune society.

Why choose nasal drops as a measure to combat covid 19?

One of the best ways to prevent COVID-19, or any other infection, is to strengthen your immune system. By the following tip one can be able to prevent himself/herself from Covid 19:

For nasal drop treatment- one can use herbal oil or normal cow ghee or sesame oil can be used. Insert 2 to 8 drops of lukewarm nasal drops in each nostril in the morning in a lie-down position after a bath. Be in that position for 10 mins & drink a half glass of lukewarm water as drops sometimes stick to your throat. You can check out the range of Nasal drops by Ayurva Healthcare

  • Some of the allopath manufacturers are working on a nasal vaccine that may be resembling this. Regular use of herbal nasal drops will certainly help boost your lung health hence the immunity. 

We all try to lead a healthy life by incorporating good habits into our lifestyle. Because who wouldn’t want to live without fear without worrying about health problems? However, in today’s world, it has become difficult to pay equal attention to health and work. Living the Ayurvedic lifestyle after Dinacharya, the daily Ayurveda routine is a simple solution to all health-related issues and a key to promoting a harmonious balance between mind, body and soul.

Benefits of using nasal drops – Nasya Kriya or Nasya on daily basis:- 

  • Nasya lubricates the nasal membrane as Nasya oil/Nasal drops nourish and lubricate the freshly cleaned nasal passages.
  • During the winter when we have heaters at home, especially in the northern hemisphere, our nose sometimes bleeds when it dries up. Nasya Therapy can help moisturize the nasal passage and prevent nosebleeds.

Nasya treatment is also helpful for headaches, migraines, sinus congestion, allergies, nosebleeds, dry nasal passages, and insomnia.

Procedure of Nasya

  • Be there in a lie-down position facing the ceiling for 10 mins. 
  • After 10 mins have a half glass of lukewarm water as oil sticks to your throat. 
  • Repeat this procedure in the evening if you are a working person in the evening.  
  • If you are staying completely at home, do a Nasya minimum one time a day. 
  • Additionally, you can follow these home remedies for building better immunity

There are several other benefits of the Ayurvedic nasal drops during covid. This includes ease of self-monitoring and systemic immunity. It is much less invasive to the recipient than the intramuscular injection option. 


Researchers are also working on a similar concept, the nasal spray vaccine. But this will be again a chemically prepared formulation. It is an alternative for those with blood clotting disorders or a fear of needles. Not only will the nasal spray vaccine be easy to use, but it will also reduce the use of medical consumables such as syringes and needles. Also, it could provide a low-cost alternative for the developing world, where it can be easier to mass-produce using the same production technology for the influenza vaccine.

In nutshell, we all need to start using the nasal drops for seeing better tomorrow health & wealth-wise post this pandemic.

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  1. This is an excellent way of treating covid patients.I am sure, this will work for everybody.

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