Indulging in sunbathing, but not a fan of the tan? Here are ways of tackling tanning through natural methods

sunbathing is essential to maintain your vitamin D levels
Sunbathing is the science of exposing our body to the sun so that we can absorb the sunlight and put it to effective use. Our bodies need the sunlight for developing Vitamin D out of it, which helps in the storage of calcium in the bones and improve Continue reading

Skin- The mirror of your internal as well as external health | Know the Ayurvedic remedies for skincare and dry skin

Ayurvedic remedies for skincare can help you get rid of skin problems
Our skin reflects our inner health, that is to say, that if the body is healthy, the skin will also look clean and glowing. We often overlook the importance of proper skincare, as a result of which we develop many skin problems. A large number of pe Continue reading
Dr Priti Pakhale Patil

What are the benefits, side-effects, and cautions to be taken during early morning sunbathing?

One must follow some tips during sunbathing
We all are familiar with the harmful effects of the sun rays but how many of us actually know the benefits of these rays? I think most of us aren’t aware of the fact that a 15- minutes exposure to the sun can be effective in solving a lot of our h Continue reading

Ayurvedic methods to cure acne

Ayurvedic methods to cure acne: India is a country cradling many invaluable treasures in its ancient lands. The one ancient art prophesied to have been handed to the people by God himself, that has survived the onslaught of time and is still being w Continue reading

What are hair follicles?

What are hair follicles?: The hair follicle is an active organ of the human body. It is found in the dermis layer of the skin. It is made up of twenty different kinds of cells. Each such cell has its own significant function. It controls the growth Continue reading

Different stages of hair growth

Different stages of hair growth: Hair is a stratified squamous keratinized epithelium. It is made up of multiple layers of flat cells. The rope-like filaments in it provide structure and strength to the hair shaft. Human hair grows everywhere Continue reading

Purpose of hair on humans

Purpose of hair on humans: From *hero-hair* to not *so-much-hair*, we humans have developed the ability to judge others on the basis of their hair. We have around 5,000,000 hair follicles all over our body. The hair follicles are used to produce the Continue reading

Seasonal hair care needs

Seasonal hair care needs: Weather is deeply connected to our everyday life. Our day to day routine is very much dependant on the kind of weather. We have a day planned based on what season it is. On a summer day, you would like to go to the beach. W Continue reading