How Naturopathy helps in maintaining a good lifestyle- Know the major Naturopathy tips for a healthy body.

Some major Naturopathy tips for a healthy body
The human body itself is capable of fighting against diseases, the only thing we need to learn is how to take care of it.  You can remain healthy by embracing nature which is rich in resources that help you heal. There is plenty of evidence that ha Continue reading
Dr Pradnya Shinde

6 ways to breathe better this winter

Proper breathing improves blood flow, detoxifies the body, and reduces stress and anxiety.
Breathing, the most important life function. In fact, we are so good at it that we can do it with our eyes closed. On a much serious note, because we don’t breathe consciously, it is easy to overlook good breathing habits. If you are a city resid Continue reading
Ahana Chatterjee

What are the best simple yet effective natural home remedies that work wonders for improving your eyesight

Try some of the natural ways of improving your eyesight
Eyes are the unique gift of nature that allows us to see the colourful flowers, brilliant blue sky, twinkling stars, green trees, and the people we spend our lives with.  They are the most tender part of the body, so their protection is equally impo Continue reading

What are the best simple exercises you can practice regularly for staying healthy after fifty and living a happy, and active life

Many exercises can help you in staying healthy after fifty
According to developmental psychology, the age of 50 is the threshold point when the body starts moving towards ageing. By the early fifties, the performance of major organs decline, but there are huge individual differences in the rate at which such Continue reading

Physical therapy near me- Find the best physical therapy centres in your vicinity where you can get the best treatment

Which are the top physical therapy centre near me
Physical Therapy or Physiotherapy is considered a modern medical system, but it is a mixed form of massage and exercises prescription. This practice has been going on in India for centuries. Physiotherapy is an effective way to avoid or deal with ma Continue reading