Top 7 movies to watch during the lockdown in 2020

Watch movies during coronavirus lockdown
These days we all are hearing a lot about the end of the world, coronavirus, its spread, deaths due to coronavirus, and what not?  This is definitely a tough time for all of us but we need to be positive and stay strong. We know spending your Continue reading

Long working hours: A medium to growth or ingress to ill-health in 2020

Sitting all day long to complete work hours is a major cause of many health problems
Today every organization or business wants to stay ahead of its competition and wants to be at the top position. For achieving this position, businesses are willing to sacrifice everything they have, whether it is money, sleep, or health. And this Continue reading
Tanaaz Irani

Benefits of improving the sleeping cycle: How important a role does sleep play in the overall fitness of the body?

Improving the sleep cycle is important for a healthy body
The world in which we are living today is highly competitive. And each one of us is conditioned to stay ahead in this competition, regardless of the pain it may cause us.  Therefore, to fulfill this requirement of the society we work day and night Continue reading
Tanaaz Irani

Follow these simple yet effective practices to get rid of anxiety and depression at home at no cost

Top ways to cope up with anxiety and depression
Due to the chaotic lifestyle and constant mental pressure these days, people of all ages, including children, are increasingly getting affected by anxiety and depression. Needless nervousness, restlessness, worry and fear over little things are some Continue reading


ECT machines help cure depression
Depression: Depression is an illness that is not for one person but for whole family. If one person is depressing the whole family bears the burden. There are ways to cure it-love, time, taking medicines and Electroconvulsive Therapy. Love and time a Continue reading