7 things in our surroundings that can help us sleep better

Know about the 7 things in our surroundings that can help us sleep better
Having a sound sleep at night after the helter-skelter of the day is very important for our health. There is no substitute for good and adequate sleep to stay healthy and active. Many successful people believe that it is very necessary to get sound Continue reading
Dr Nirmala Suryawanshi

Ayurveda: An ancient solution to modern health problems

Ayurveda offers natural ways of treatment to keep your body fit and healthy
Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word, which means knowledge of life and longevity. It is one of the upveda of Atharva Ved and is a compilation of proven ways to live a better and holistic life. It won't be wrong to say that Ayurveda is an ancient solution t Continue reading
Dr Suyog Bhavare

Wellness Tourism- Best destinations to visit in India for a fresh and rejuvenating start in the year 2020

Best destinations to visit in India after coronavirus lockdown
Now that Coronavirus has forced us to live in our homes our hunger for travelling is increasing day by day. The coronavirus has created an upheaval that has impacted the entire human race in a very large way. Everyone without a doubt is going to exp Continue reading
Manisha Mehlawat

We believe in you; we make you believe in yourself!!

We encourage lives beyond boundaries by introducing people to their inner potential
Learn to walk, learn to talk,  Learn to eat, learn to be sweet,  Learn to write, learn to be bright,  Learn to excel, learn to be out of hassle Learn to survive, learn to live a good life. But how can we make our life from good to extraordinary? Continue reading

कोरोना वायरस लॅाकडाउन या जीवन को बेहतरीन बनाने का एक सुनहरा अवसर?

Ways to better utilise these 21 days for your growth
कोरोना वायरस को फैलने से रोकने के लिए इस वक्त देश में 21 दिनों के लिए लॅाकडाउन लागू कर दिया गया है Continue reading
Dr Suyog Bhavare

Build body immunity to protect yourself from any virus/bacteria

Ayurvedic experts suggest that medicinal herbs can help bolster immunity
If talked about it in laymen language, immunity is an army of the human body or of any living object, that helps maintain the health of the being, by defending against the foreign invasions like from bacteris or viruses. Or in scientific language im Continue reading
Dr Suyog Bhavare

What are the home remedies to cure dry cough & sore throat?

Drink hot liquids during a dry cough & sore throat
The havoc created by COVID-19 has impacted the entire human race, bringing the fast-paced lives to a complete halt. People from all over the world are overwhelmed at the thought of COVID-19 as there is no cure for the disease yet. So far, the best-k Continue reading
Dr Suyog Bhavare

Boost your body immunity using these Ayurveda tips

Cough and cold are major symptoms of Coronavirus
Nowadays, we are hearing a lot about the deadly Coronavirus disease, like how instantly it is spreading all over the world, what are its symptoms, what can be done to prevent it and how you can keep yourself safe from Coronavirus. On one hand, where Continue reading
Dr Suyog Bhavare

Prevention: The best way to stop the spreading of Coronavirus

Symptoms of Coronavirus include runny nose, sore throat, cough and cold
The term “Coronavirus” is not a comforting one as it is a deadly virus that has been spreading rapidly all across the globe. The pace with which the disease is spreading is not at all helping the already declining economies, and shows no signs Continue reading
Dr Suyog Bhavare

Benefits of improving the sleeping cycle: How important a role does sleep play in the overall fitness of the body?

Improving the sleep cycle is important for a healthy body
The world in which we are living today is highly competitive. And each one of us is conditioned to stay ahead in this competition, regardless of the pain it may cause us.  Therefore, to fulfill this requirement of the society we work day and night Continue reading
Tanaaz Irani

Lifestyle modalities: Contrasting the two sides of the same country

Vedic lifestyle focuses on the overall wellbeing of mind, body, and soul
India is an incredible country with the largest democracy and is an agglomeration of multicultural experiences. It is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, and its culture, traditions, and rich heritage attracts everyone around the world. T Continue reading
Tanaaz Irani