A simple guide to weight loss by yoga and ayurvedic fat loss products

weight loss by yoga
yoga to lose weight

The conventional methods of weight loss are not suitable for everyone. Not everyone is comfortable with going to a gym and lifting weights to achieve their weight goals. Although, you see many people advocate that going to the gym is the only way to lose weight they are misinformed. For people who do not believe in working out, we have the perfect solution for them. Weight loss by yoga is traditionally regarded as one of the best methods for weight loss. Yoga is known to have its origins in 3000 BCE in the Indus Valley Civilization. We find mention of yoga in ancient texts such as the Rigveda and the Upanishads. Yoga helps to not only lose weight but also helps to increase our concentration, improves our balance, and corrects our body posture. Along with practicing yoga, the use of ayurvedic substances such as hingvastak churna also helps us to meet our weight loss goals.

With the variety of yoga postures and asanas present in the world, we have been able to shortlist the asanas which are easy to do but show maximum results in weight loss. While this list contains some traditional forms of yoga it also contains modern yoga asanas which have been modified to suit the weight loss needs of people.


Commonly known as the warrior pose, this asanas has 3 variations. This asana helps to tone your body especially focusing on the shoulders and thighs. As this asana requires stretching of the thighs it helps to develop better quad muscles. The arc which is formed by the hands as a part of this asana helps develop your back as well as simultaneously works on stretching your abdominal muscles helping cut the fat present there. Holding the position longer leads to more stretching of the body and thus leads to better results.

weight loss by yoga
hold the position as long as you can to increase the gains in your quads

 Adho Mukha Svana

This asana is a part of suryanamaskar which is a prayer to the god of the sunKnown as the downward dog pose, this asana helps strengthen your upper body. The pressure on the abdominal region also increases the fat burn in the belly region. One of the benefits of this asana is that it also helps strengthen the hamstrings of a person which prevents them from injuries such as hamstring tear.

Weight Loss by Yoga
this pose should be done with proper stability


This asana is known as the bow pose. It is called so because the arms, legs, and the arched back make the shape of a bow. This is the best asana to stretch and work out your back muscles. It is very helpful in toning the back and losing the stubborn fat deposited in your back. It also works out the chest which has to be stretched to achieve this pose.

Chaturanga Dandasana

Though the name sounds complicated this is one of the simplest but most effective asana for weight loss by yoga. It is better known in modern forms of exercise as a plank. This is very simple to perform but extremely difficult to maintain. The pose is very effective as the person performing it starts to experience a stretch in their abdomen and can feel the effect it has.

Weight Loss by Yoga
the more you can hold this pose the better it is

Ayurvedic fat burners are another thing people who want to lose weight should try. It goes hand in hand with yoga asanas. People performing yoga asanas can take ayurvedic fat burners such as hingvastak churna, guggul, triphala, etc. these are made from homemade ingredients and are completely safe to consume if taken in correct doses. These improve the results of weight loss that are seen by the person consuming these as well as practicing yoga. For more ayurvedic medicine have a look at patanjali . To learn how to make hingvastak churna at home check out Aanya Wellness. 

 These were some of the techniques for weight loss by yoga. These simple techniques and ayurvedic products such as hingvastak churna help people lose fat and lead a healthier life. These asanas are sure to yield results if practiced regularly and correctly. We hope that we were able to help you find the yoga asanas which will help you lose those kilos. So what are you waiting for? Get your yoga mats out and strike those yoga postures with grace.

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