How to catapult from severe stress to stunning success

success over stress
It's not the load that breaks you but the way you are carrying it

“If you feel you have everything going for you but are still not satisfied… something invisible is eating

You up inside… read this!”

Anyone would say 2003 was a story of success. I had been running my own business for six years and at same time I was managing stress. I had grown from a solopreneur to a private limited company. Completed a merger and an acquisition.  Floated 3 other companies and was itching to strike a joint venture with a Singaporean firm to move to the next level.

On the personal front, I had acquired an IIT-IIM education, had been the President of a Rotary Club, and enjoyed a vast circle of buddy-families. But it still was not a story of success.

What was missing?

One hot, rainy afternoon that year, my colleague, Bharat, dropped into my comfortable Banjara Hills Bungalow, and while he was sipping his tea, asked me whether I knew where I was going. I scoffed at him. Of course, I knew. I was on my way to start playing globally in my field. What a stupid question!

Well, he pushed, and then what? We will have multinational clients, I said. More money. More reputation. Bharat pointed out that we already had global clients… and they depressed me quite a bit.

I realized he was right. It troubled me that the large companies that we serviced were engaging extremely bright young graduates to process silly insurance claims and credit card complaints about their overseas clients. Surely, I thought, these boys and girls could use their potential for better things than that.

Why did they work there? The lure of money? Cushy job? Or drain-brain as opposed to the brain-drain of my generation?

Whatever it was, I could not digest that an entire generation was coming up before our eyes , whose sole purpose was to solve problems other people should not have created in the first place. Was that the purpose of life? Could we label these large businesses as stories of success? Or as mere sweatshops with fancy lobbies and cubicles, exploiting cheap labor?

Importance of managing stress
Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light

On that rainy afternoon, the reason behind my dissatisfaction, and seeming lack of success came clear to me i was trying to manage my stress. And if you are an achiever who feels the same way… wondering what is missing… here are my 3 top lessons for you:

  1. Society’s standard of success does not determine your success. It is determined by what you consider it worthwhile to do with your life
  1. Your purpose is not to merely get busy making name, fame, and fortune. It has to be to contribute to the prosperity of others passionately
  1. The pursuit of shiny objects outside of you will stress you. Your life will get real meaning when you look for the dusky glow inside of you

To complete my story, five years from that day, I walked away from my businesses, handing them over to other Directors. I sensed myself as a contented achiever and went to the monasteries of Sikkim for a deep dive into Energy Work. I worked in remote villages for several years after that. Conducted Inner Power personal energy workshops across four continents.

I managed stress and turned it into my story of success . And now, as an online coach, I’d love to meet you here at Aanya!

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