What are the benefits of a corporate wellness program for an organisation and its employees?

The success of a business depends heavily on the productivity and work performance of its employees; therefore, it is necessary to make sure that all your employees are both physically and mentally fit. An organisation should take all the measures required to maintain and improve the health of their employees by implementing various wellness programs. Corporate wellness programs benefit not only the employees but also the organization as well; it does an organisation recoup for the amount invested in wellness programs but also helps in increasing employee loyalty and reduce iterations.

There are so many examples of wellness programs such as providing healthy lunches and snacks, creating nap rooms, building fitness centers, or arranging yoga classes, and many more. These programs can help you improve your brand as an employer in the market, build loyalty among current employees and may even save you money. Employee wellness programs have proven benefits and some of its key benefits are listed below: 

  • The implementation of Wellness Programs helps in reducing company health care costs. If your employees remain healthy then there are fewer chances of illness and hence there will be a reduction in the expenditure of healthcare resources and reduction in loss of working hours.
  • These programs are helpful in improving employees’ engagement at the workplace. A healthy and happy employee will be able to deliver better performance and will always feel motivated to do his best. 
  • Educating the employees about the importance of good health can greatly reduce absenteeism and reduced absenteeism means more activity, productivity, and profitability. 
  • Another important benefit of a wellness program is increased employee loyalty. If your employees remain loyal to you then there is a reduction in cost in terms of recruitment and turnover and all this makes for a more harmonious working environment. 
  • Employees in companies that have an effective wellness program report higher job satisfaction. If your employees are satisfied then they will not feel disturbed and will show better results. 59% of employees across the organisations, demand for a wellness program to be incorporated at workplace.
  • These programs also help in reducing the costs of health insurance. Implementing wellness programs in your organization is a new way to reduce health expenses. 
  • Employee wellness programs are helpful in creating a positive environment thus resulting in better company culture. If an employee is treated well at the workplace then he feels an affiliation with the company and develops a level of responsibility associated with his work. 

Employee wellness programs have multiple benefits and the most effective wellness programs create a culture of improved health and cover any number of health challenges including smoking, obesity, and mental health, etc. Every organization should encourage its employees to stay healthy as their health has a direct, tangible effect on the productivity and profits of a company. 

However, if your work practices are not aligned with wellness then the program will not be successful, therefore you need to offer flexible working hours to your employees. A wellness program is not going to make all your problems go away but it is going to help you create a culture of health in your workplace and will boost employee morale. 

An effective wellness program will improve the lives of your employees and help drive the success of your organization.

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