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How often you should wash your hair?

How often you should wash your hair?: Taking care of the descending strands of hair on your head is a task of great might. Well! it doesn’t seem so. Hair care is just like skin care and varies from person to person. But it also follows a common structure of steps where oiling and shampooing are both necessary. It has been stated frequently that “do not shampoo too much” and to a certain degree; it is correct. But then again there is no perfect number of times you should or shouldn’t shampoo.
You might not consider maintaining a pattern between oiling and shampooing but it’s more important than it seems. The choice of keeping the balance is an individual goal. Most of us love to shampoo!  And honestly, it’s more fun than oiling and makes your hair look just fine. But what must be considered is; if this shampoo does anything to your hair? But it is not exactly hygiene and good to not wash your hair at all.  
The debate between shampoo and oil is never-ending. But there is no oracle statement to that. It vastly depends on your hair type. Different hair types are needed to be treated differently. The effect of shampooing after an hour of oiling is not the same for everyone. It also depends on what type of scalp you have. People with oily scalp might need to shampoo every 2 days while people with dry hair type can shampoo once in every 3 to 4 days and condition or oil more frequently.
Curly hair with oily scalp or thin hair with dry scalp or thick hair with the combination type, every type has its own special needs which are to be considered while opting for hair care products or routines. The most popular hair legend is; more shampooing causes more oily hair after every wash. The deduction is simple; when we shampoo more than necessary on a daily basis, the oil secreted by the skin gets washed away. Now, this oil is important for hair growth and when the scalp loses it, it just produces more oil, and every time you wash your hair, your hair becomes more oily.
When your hands are on the autopilot while in the shower, your mind goes to shampooing automatically. You can take bath or shower twice a day. But the maximum number of times you need to wash your hair is 2 to 3 times per week. Like the other body parts, your hair also needs to be cleaned. While shampooing more can rid your hair of the natural oil, not shampooing can make it sticky and smelly. So, maintaining a balance between the two is the key!
With every wash, you can figure out what suits your hair.  If it works for you, then you have found the perfect routine to follow but if it causes more damage than good, you need to stop using it and change the products as soon as possible.

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