Ecocradle Rosemary & Juniper Berry Hair Oil


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Ecocradle Rosemary & Juniper Berry Hair Oil

Brand: Wellness Product

Juniper Berry Hair Oil nourishes the roots of your hair, making it shiny & beautiful. It also prevents hair fall & promotes quicker hair growth. This is an excellent solution for dry, damaged & unmanageable hair. This is the shampoo of the future


Have silky-smooth, beautiful hair with our rosemary and juniper berry nourishing hair oil. Rich in vitamin E, this conditioning oil moisturizes the scalp while promoting healthy hair growth and preventing hair fall. The strong herbal fragrance of this product further adds to its appeal. Paired with our Indian Herbal Hair Wash Shampoo, the nourishing deep hair treatment will make your hair easy to comb and maintain a healthy shine. Natural, authentic and pure.

Beautiful hair starts at the roots. A simple routine of our rosemary and juniper berry nourishing Hair Oil every day will instantly transform your dull, lifeless hair into healthy, nourished, silky smooth tresses. This conditioning oil deeply moisturizes the scalp to promote healthy hair growth and prevent hair fall, while its strong herbal fragrance adds to its appeal. Rub two drops of this oil on your head, wash, and then wash your hair with the hair wash.