Butterfly Blue Pea Tea


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Butterfly Blue Pea Tea

Brand: Wellness Product

The Himalayan Butterfly Blue Pea Flower is a unique blue pea flower taken from the upper part of the plant. It may help with depression, improve cognition and skin health. This tea can act as an antiviral, anti-diabetic, anti-asthmatic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory agent.


Just add hot water to the flowering tea and wait for a few minutes, you can smell the beautiful fragrance of the flowers, and then enjoy the unique floral taste. Flowering tea consists of layered flower compartments. The compartments contain buds and fresh leaves of green tea and flower buds, serving as a filter for flower and flower essence extracts and infusing them in water containing antioxidants. One sip awakens your senses like awakening to fresh air on a crisp morning. It is light, crisp, sweet, and soothingly fragrant. This sweet water is an incredible addition to any beverage line-up or can be served stand-alone as an iced or hot tea cocktail. It is freeze dried on the plant to maintain its integrity, so it reaches your cup pure & intact. From there it’s infused with our ono tea extractions to create this blend of colour & flavour. . The teas impart a floral flavor to the water as well as antioxidants from the tea leaves and flowers. They are light, sweet, flavorful and refreshing.