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Sonali Bhambri

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As the human body has the capacity to absorb light, energy, prana or chi, it can be used to fight exhaustion, stress, depression and anxiety. Sonali Bhambri is a qualified yoga instructor based in India who has completed her certification in teacher’s training course. She will teach you how pranic energy can help you attain a healthy mind and strong body. Taught by a certified yoga instructor, this course will help you live a more active, worry-free life through the power of pranic energy. In this class, we will practice asanas that improve concentration and posture. We will also teach you some breathing exercises that can help boost your metabolism as well as relieve stress. Sonali Bhambri will help you to take your yoga practice up a level. This course is ideal for those who have tried yoga before and people who are new to the discipline. No matter what your physical condition, Sonali will show you how pranayama can work for you.

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Online Yoga Sessions (Yoga + Meditation + Pranayama), Pranayama, Meditation, 12 sessions, Pranayama, Meditation, 6 sessions