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Purpose of hair on humans

Purpose of hair on humans: From *hero-hair* to not *so-much-hair*, we humans have developed the ability to judge others on the basis of their hair. We have around 5,000,000 hair follicles all over our body. The hair follicles are used to produce the hair shaft. Almost every part of our body has hair. The growth and development of the hair depend on what part of the body it belongs to. Hair doesn’t only mean the hair on your head; it’s a collective term that refers to the hair found anywhere on your body. The hair on your body is as important as the hair on your head.
 The hair on your body has different functions depending upon which part of the body it is from. There are several functions of the hair on humans. The hair on your head and body help to protect you from the harmful UV radiations and harsh climatic conditions. The hair present mainly on your hands and legs, act as sensory receptors that make the brain aware of external stimuli. Your hair structure and type largely depends upon what ethnic race or what part of the world you belong to. This in a way, helps you to socialize and communicate with the members of your own community as well as other communities.
The early men used body hair to camouflage themselves during the time of danger or during hunting. If you notice, the early man was a lot hairier than we are. According to scientists that is a sign of evolution. Early man used to live in a tropical climate where there is a need for such things to cool off.  That’s the reason why we have comparatively less hair as compared to an early man. But then, what about the hair on your head? Well, there’s already a peculiar story behind it but it doesn’t have any scientific support. Supposedly scientists assume that the hair on your head was used during a marriage ritual. The person with the best hair got the girl and produced children. Thus, hair on humans was necessary for continuing the species.
 Our eyelashes help in protecting the eyes from dust and insects that can damage the eyes.  The hair in our underarm and genitals region help to reduce friction. Basically, the dry hair present in those areas helps to reduce friction, thereby allowing easy movement without chaffing. Do you know that body hair can protect you from malaria?  Well, a mosquito bite isn’t actually painful. The sensation that we have when a mosquito bites into our skin is because of the hair in that region. That’s the hair in the region that sends our brain, the sensory stimulus about the danger of the mosquito. The hair on humans also helps with sweating for maintaining homeostasis.
When a baby is born, his body is covered with tiny transparent hair.  As they reach puberty, the hair on humans becomes more visible and can be found in the groin region. Basically, our underarms and groin regions have ducts that produce a strong smell that is useful in attracting a partner. Well, even we were amazed to know this!

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