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Selfcare Sunday: Overcoming mental stress post a hectic week in 2020

Do you feel overwhelmed after a long, hectic week? Do Sundays pass by, in a daze, amidst laundry, grocery shopping and meal preps? It’s easy to be overwhelmed even on Sundays. With the hustle and bustle of a work week, personal life takes a backseat. It is extremely essential to recharge the body, mind and soul once in a while. I believe Sunday is a perfect day to do it, to overcoming the mental stress. If you want to make your Sundays fruitful and extremely fulfilling, here are a few tips from our end.

Digital detox: Overcoming mental stress by limiting screen time

Digital Detox

Digital Detox will give you extra me-time

If like me you are glued to laptop and mobile screens for endless hours, it’s time to take time off on a Sunday. Instead of binge watching your favorite Netflix shows and mindlessly scrolling through Instagram, stay away from your gadgets. Unless it’s necessary (taking calls or specific tasks), set limits for your screen time. You will save time, give respite to your tired eyes and body. Refrain from answering to every message and email, and use that time pamper yourself.

Listen to your body

Listen to your heart

Listen what your body demands from you

Every Sunday, do one unique health activity. This is something I started doing very recently. But I found it is a great way to understand my body and prioritize accordingly. For example, I went completely sugar free one Sunday. You can do a self-breast exam, hot oil massage, dry-brushing for lymphatic drainage and so on. This will allow you to find ailments early and also feel healthier in your skin.

Spend quality time with family

Manage personal relationships

Spending your Sundays with your family can offer a lot of happiness to you

With time, our work lives explode with meetings, to-do lists and productivity hacks. We often fail to appreciate the love and support of our family and friends. Sundays should be exclusively devoted to our near and dear ones. Read aloud to your kids, take them to the park and share an ice-cream. Reconnect with your spouse, cook together and share a hobby that interests both of you. Spend time with your parents, call them if they live far away and listen to the small details.

Connect with nature

Greenery everywhere

Spend some of your time in nature

My typical workday sees me jumping into a cab for work and back home. I seldom get time to bask in the glory of nature. Do you know numerous city-dwellers suffer from Vitamin D deficiency? It’s important to spend time with nature regularly. On Sundays, take a stroll amidst greenery, go for a hike or swim. Catch the sun rising or setting and you will feel your stress dissolving away.

Nurture your hobby

Devote some time on Sundays to nurture your hobbies. These are great avenues of self-expression and best ways to overcome mental stress. If you are fond of gardening, block Sundays to work on your kitchen garden. If poetry is your passion, use Sundays to attend poetry events, write your own and read.

Yoga and meditation

Nature Wellness

Yoga helps you in overcoming mental as well as physical stress

I don’t need to reiterate how meditation can help in overcoming stress. Make Yoga and meditation your companions not just for Sundays, but the entire week. Instead of idling on Sundays, attend yoga sessions. Overcoming stress through Yoga and meditation can help kickstart a brand-new productive week. Spend an hour relaxing your body and mind on Sundays to feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated.

Pamper with Ayurveda

Natural Ways of healing

Ayurvedic treatments are perfect to get rid of knots and tension in muscles. These treatments are best to indulge your body & mind and feel luxurious.  Opt for Abhyangam, a holistic healing massage to treat body ache and stimulate your energies. Shirodhara can cleanse your mental clutter and awaken your senses. Treatments like Nasyam completely cure headaches and blocked airways. A herbal facial can declog pores and add youthful glow to dull skin.

Explore the world of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses aromatic essential oils to improve the health of the body, mind, and spirit. It promotes both physical and emotional well-being. Different oils have potent therapeutic benefits. Unwind with aromatherapy massages to improve blood circulation, treat pain and cure anxiety. You can turn your room into a healing zone by using aroma candles and oil diffusers. Add a couple of drops of essential oils like chamomile and lavender in your bath water.  

Your health is the biggest asset. It is easy to forget to take a break amidst the chaos. Break the pattern of a loaded week and destress on a Sunday. Take time to unwind with your family, read and listen to good music. Stretch out your body and muscles with yoga and treat yourself with some Ayurvedic massage. Make sure you stay hydrated and happy. Happy Sundays!

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